How It Got Started

Many parents are confused and distressed about the blatant and distressing coordination of government, media and corporates banding together to demand mandatory vaccination as a one size fits all solution to the global problem of COVID-19.

Only it is not that kind of problem. In Australia, official statistics confirm that 93.4% of all COVID-19 deaths in Australia occurs in people over the age of 70. Further study shows that if you are under 50 in Australia and catch the virus, you have a 99.98% of survival. (source: https://www.health.gov.au).

There has to be a choice. There has to be other approaches. Never before has collateral cost be so saliently ignored. People are depressed, alienated. They are drinking more. There is more domestic violence. More child abuse. Humans are a social species, and this isolation and disruption of the primary mode in which we exchange value, information, and share connection – is killing us. It’s just shown through the ‘actuarial’ process of longevity tables and misery indices. You see it in crippled economies, which kill people as dead as cancer.

And in the midst of all this, we’ve surrendered not just our reputation and prestige on the world stage, as a liberty-loving and empowered population, but our very sense of ourselves as heirs to the legacy of Western Democratic governments.

The Australian government – micro and macro – has gone rogue. And we do not consent to this tyranny, and will not be going with them.

Not just workaday citizens, but particularly concerned parents are against the zeitgeist that demands our wholesale surrender of our immanent, God-given, freedoms to the state, under the guise of ’empathy’, and in the pursuit of ‘safety’.

Not only are we less safe, with our welfare collectivized and awarded to an indifferent – arguably psychotic – state, but even if they could make us more safe, surrendering freedom is no kind of solution to this problem.

Concerned parents are not acting on their own behalf; they’re angry mama and papa bears and lions, who know that these actions are not right nor acceptable and they know this not just from the letter of Australian law, but from the spirit of the legacy of governance we enjoy in Australia: government without the consent of the governed is illegitimate; it’s tyrannical.

This is the place to come to join, become part of a community and share and access resources to defend yourselves and your children, because no one gets between a lioness and their cubs.

Welcome to A Million Mums for Informed Consent; dads are more than welcome.

~ Jason And Donna Olbourne

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