Many parents are confused and distressed about the collective consciousness of government, media and corporates banding together to demand mandatory vaccination as a one size fits all solution to the global problem of COVID.

Only it is not that kind of problem. In Australia, official statistics confirm that 93.4% of all COVID death in Australia occurs in people over the age of 70. Further study shows that if you are under 50 in Australia and catch the virus, you have a 99.98% of survival. (source: As at August 4, 2021

There has to be a choice. There has to be other approaches.

Furthermore, many people and particularly concerned parents are totally against the societal zeitgeist that appears to demand our wholesale surrender of our God given freedoms in search of safety and to just ‘get this over with’.

Concerned parents know that these actions are not right nor acceptable and they know this because there are many treaties, declarations, charters of rights and laws that protect them against forced medical experimentation or treatments.

This is the place to come to join, become part of a community and share and access resources to defend yourselves and your children.

Because no one gets between a lioness and their cubs.

Welcome to A Million Mums for Informed Consent.

(Dads more than welcome)

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