Informed Consent denial is a crime against humanity

Never before has a human right been denied so brazenly using the pretext of urgency for safety.
What could possibly go wrong?
Myocarditis is raging in Australia with reports of 50 cases a week appearing in Wyong hospital every week according to local GPs in the area.
Further reports of increasing rates of heart attack in Ireland and sports stars and elite athletes dying suddenly and in droves.
We all must pay close attention to real information if we are to protect our children.
Meanwhile Pfizer is in hot water this week with revelations it falsified trial data.
Typically, the agenda driven politicians all of whom are beholden to an unelected new globalist regime that is forming based on this exact covid lie are silent.
Should Julian Assange’s evidence ever be heard we may find that in fact he was right when he said 98% of politicians are guilty of heinous crimes against the people.
May the truth be heard and indeed set us free.

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