What is your purpose in all of this?

The slippery slope of false idol worship has commenced. The irony not lost. It as if the new King of Israel is readying to appear. And an anti christ is in costume preparing to enter from stage left. Must we always sit out and have to witness at mouse speed this transition?
Indeed we do. For this is the time to change your trajectory through remapping your plans, belief system and new non negotiables.
I fired my doctor, my kids schools, my corporate sponsorship both as a worker and a customer.
I have become self sufficient, self employed, found my creativity and purpose, detached from the matrix, from the system, operating against the tide but at full speed and momentum, rather than with it but at 10% capacity, reluctant, unfulfilled, deeply dissatisfied, purpose unknown, worse not even considered.
To be so aimless. So without use. To make it alive on mother earth, to have made it to middle age and still not know what your own free will determines is your purpose for existence and yours in it.
The answer is great if you know. Its worst when you don’t know.
Its the journey that counts that is who you are.
Life without journey is to have unfulfilled life.
That is to know we must change. The self discovery as we discover is the blueprint to finding and mapping future success through deep personal observation and learning that helps become an inner knowing.
Through the feeling of certainty, through spiritual tutorship and through personal reflection, either guided by a healer or done oneself allows one to acquire inner harmony and understanding.
All arriving at your best you. The one you are looking for, to commence or join your life’s journey.
That is when you have entered the new age. You are living it. It need only arrive by your new attitude. This is your inner energy switching trajectory. You no longer allow your time to consider past beliefs that are no longer. It erases itself from thought. So you are free and you can only live one way from now on.
This is to have prepared to enter the Age of Aquarius. Because so many can not see it, they will keep up old habits, proud to be back to how things were, for a time.
Its your own personal belief as to where you and we are headed from that point. You live inside your own reality as soon as you detach from theirs and start living your own.
That is why home schooling caught your eye. Now you are just realigning the rest of your life to match the great escape.
Welcome to amillionmums.com Jason and Donna

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