Meanwhile, In The 6th Largest Western Economy: California’s Dangerous Gamble Under Newsom

After narrowly surviving a recall vote last month, Newsom is back to pushing the Big Pharma agenda, requiring that all children over age 12 be vaccinated in order to attend public school. 

The illogic of this is unmistakable – as studies show children are at greater risk from the flu, and that complications involving clotting and heart inflammation (myocarditis) have an increased incidence in children and unusually healthy vaccine recipients, such as athletes. 

Since vaccine manufacturers have civil immunity from liability for their products, any consequences for them may be anecdotal – unless and until there is widespread harm, and this agenda rises to the level of a criminal conspiracy, which we believe it will. Stay tuned. 

While this is not Australia, with it being revealed that vaccine manufacturers – who donate heavily to governments and candidates the world over – have pressured Members of Parliament to lockdown and push the vaccine, adoption of policy like this will indirectly impact other Western countries. Some form of it should be expected elsewhere, since Big Pharma is using the same playbook.

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