My Personal Story – My Child’s Spirit And Grades Soared With Homeschooling

I saw my child’s emotional wellbeing, engagement, confidence, and thirst to learn soar, when I pulled him from on-site schooling

I have been home schooling for about 3 months, so I am in the early stages but from what I have experienced so far it is the best thing I did for my son and for myself as a parent. My son Oliver was half way through year 8 when I took home out of school, for a while my gut was telling me that he is not getting the education he needs. Oliver is the type of kid that if he is not interested you lose him and he will do the bare minimum to get through. What I was finding was that Oliver academically was just sliding through and from an education point of view the school didn’t seem to have a problem with it, I certainly did.

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